Student Ambassadors

Student Ambassadors

Student Ambassadors at the Morgridge College of Education are outstanding student leaders who happily share their graduate school experiences, and offer personal connection to prospective students. Their duties at the college include:

Tele-counseling: Call prospective students to provide admissions information and build interest in Morgridge College of Education graduate programs.

Daily Visits:  Participate in daily visits with prospective students, facilitate campus tours, and offer informational question and answer sessions over lunch or coffee.

Information Sessions:  Attend “Meet Us @ Morgridge” events to lead campus tours and answer general admissions questions.

Alisha Stanton

Alisha StantonMy name is Alisha Stanton and I am a Colorado native!  I am enrolled in the Higher Education doctoral program.  In 5-10 years, I hope to be teaching future leaders about international and cultural affairs to be used in curriculum development.   I chose DU mainly because Colorado is my home and I love being with my friends and family.  In addition, I completed my MA here and I had a really great experience!



My biggest piece of advice to prospective students comes in two parts.  First, try to incorporate a study abroad experience in your coursework plan.  It was a tremendous experience during my master’s program and I recommend it to all Higher Education graduate students.  Second, this advice was given to me during my MA program and repeated in my doctoral program and that is to trust the process.   Everyone’s experience will be different; do not panic, or let colleagues in your cohort or those further ahead in your program determine your progress and your feelings about your experience.

Aaron Stites

Aaron StitesMy name is Aaron Stites and I am fortunate to be from this great state of Colorado!  I am enrolled in the Teacher Education Program with a Master’s degree in Curriculum and Instruction concentrating in culturally and linguistically diverse learners.  In 5-10 years, I aim to be a highly effective teacher able to transfer knowledge and understanding of students need to not only be effective learners but positive participants in our society.   Further, I hope to help close the student achievement gap working within the context of a teacher.

I chose DU because the Teacher Education Program is highly selective, and brings together people who are intelligent, diverse, and passionate about teaching.  Further, the program is super intensive, allowing a student to complete a teaching certification, master’s degree, and apprentice teaching experience in under one year.

My main advice to a prospective student would be to think of the Teacher Education Program as wholly transformational.  The program transforms you into an effective teacher but also makes you a better person as you reflect on your values, culture, and belief systems while developing skills as a teacher.  Second, know that you will be very busy and at times overwhelmed, but that theory learned in your classes really does carry over into your experience as an apprentice teacher.

*Read more about Aaron’s journey in the Teacher Education Program here.

Natalia Lynch

Natalia LynchMy name is Natalia Lynch and I am originally from Alaska.  I am really excited to be near the mountains again in Denver!  I am in the EdS Child, Family, and School Psychology program and I am looking forward to being a School Psychologist at a middle school or high school.  After visiting DU for interview days, I knew the education I would receive here would be better than anywhere else, so here I am!  There are so many fund things to do in Denver and surrounding areas.

To prospective students, it is important to be open to new experiences.  Some things I have taken for granted for years have been turned inside-out after one quarter of classes!  It can be an uncomfortable growing experience, but I would not give it up for anything.

Bridget Wetzel

Bridget WetzelHello!  My name is Bridget Wetzel, and I am a 2nd year student in the higher education M.A. program.  I am originally from Kansas City, but have lived in Denver for eight years, and consider Colorado my home!  I chose to attend the University of Denver (DU) because I really felt a connection with faculty, staff, and current students and was drawn to the idea of being a change agent in my community.

In the next 5-10 years, I hope to establish a strong network within the higher education community, and create a welcoming and inclusive environment for all students who wish to attend a university.  My biggest piece of advice to prospective students is to take advantage of all the networks and colleagues that you collaborate with here during your time at DU.  It is so important to create those bonds, because they will last a lifetime!

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