Child, Family, & School Psychology MA

Child, Family, & School Psychology
Child, Family, & School Psychology MA
Master of ARTS IN Child, Family and School Psychology

Begin your degree path to pursuing doctoral work in our Child, Family, and School Psychology (CFSP) program. Our Master of Arts (M.A.) degree is not a terminal degree—it is your starting point for a Ph.D.

You will begin building a strong understanding of the diverse environmental, neurobiological, and cultural influences that impact child development.

As a full-time M.A. student, you will complete this degree program in one year or four quarters. You will then be able to apply to our Ph.D. program. Completion of this program allows you to pursue licensure as a school psychologist in Colorado.


You’ll need to complete 45-quarter credit hours, as well as an applied Capstone project.

Approximate Completion Time

One year or four quarters


Department Chair
Dr. Cynthia Hazel
303-871-2961, KRH 256

Academic Services Associate
Heidi Creel
303-871-7013, KRH 251

Admissions Contact
303-871-2509, KRH 110
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