What’s next for Dr. Sam Museus

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What’s next for Dr. Sam Museus

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Associate Professor of Higher Education Dr. Samuel Museus joined the Morgridge College of Education faculty in the Fall of 2013, where he teaches graduate courses in student development, college access, diversity and equity in higher education. His current research focuses on the institutional practices and environments that impact student success for minority college students. Dr. Museus has produced more than 120 publications and presentations that focus on racial, cultural, and structural factors that affect the experiences and outcomes of diverse populations in K-12 and higher education.

In 2013, Dr. Museus published the book, “Asian American Students in Higher Education,” along with several scholarly articles in journals and academic magazines such as The Review of Higher Education, Journal of Higher Education, and About Campus. Another book, “The New Majority and Higher Education: A Synthesis of Research on College Students of Color,” is slated for release in 2015. In October 2013, he was honored as the Routledge Education Author of the Month. Dr. Museus has also received a Public Good Grant for the “Collecting Asian American and Pacific Islander Refugee Stories” project, which aims to work with refugee youth in the Denver area, particularly those from Bhutan and Burma to document their stories about cultural conflict and adjustment and their educational trajectories. Recently, the National Association of Student Personnel Administrators (NASPA) selected Dr. Museus as the 2014 recipient of the George D. Kuh Outstanding Contribution to Literature and Research Award for his work in racial inclusiveness in higher education. He will be honored with this award at the upcoming NASPA conference in March of this year.

So the big question that everyone is asking, “What’s next for Dr. Sam Museus?” To answer this question, Dr. Museus shared that he will be investing his energies in three main areas over the next few years:

  • He will be working on several books. The largest book project is a volume with co-author Dr. Kimberly A. Griffin (University of Maryland) and will encompass reviewing the last two decades of research on college students of color and synthesizing these bodies of knowledge into one volume, titled The New Majority in Higher Education.
  • Dr. Museus will be moving the National Culturally Engaging Campus Environments (CECE) Project forward. The CECE Model explains the impact of campus environments on diverse students’ success in college. The CECE Survey measures the elements of campus environments that promote success among diverse populations in college. The National CECE Project is focused on utilizing the CECE Model and Survey to work with administrators so that they can assess, better understand, and positively transform their environments to maximize success among diverse populations.
  • Dr. Museus will also be working with his Asian American and Pacific Islander Research Coalition (ARC) Fellow colleagues to establish an infrastructure and networks that allow ARC to generate and disseminate useful information to policymakers and practitioners interested in better serving Asian American and Pacific Islander (AAPI) populations in K-12 and higher education.
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