Changing the Reach

The ECHO-DU team kicks off their first ECHO of the year at Morgridge College of Education.

We launched ECHO-DU to reach rural Colorado under the leadership of the Center for Rural School Health & Education (CRSHE). ECHO-DU is a virtual, professional development community built specifically for school professionals in rural school districts. Through the program, school professionals are connected to the latest best practices on complex topics during a series of sessions, called an ECHO. 

CRSHE now has a newly funded ECHO series focused on social-emotional learning, and a partnership with mindSpark Learning (mSL). These ECHOS will leverage mSL’s expertise in teaching leaders to focus on their well-being in order to better understand how to support the needs of those they lead.

“It’s exciting to be involved in a project aimed at giving educators professional development that will lead to their own personal growth, because they work so hard each and every day nurturing the next generation,” said Dr. Elaine Belansky, director of CRSHE.

The Morgridge College of Education expects more than 150 educators statewide to participate in the ECHO, all entirely funded through the generosity of the Morgridge Family Foundation. The accessibility of the ECHOs and expected participation have the potential to reach 45,000 students in Colorado.

“The focus of professional development for teachers is typically on helping their students learn and grow,” said Dr. Belansky. “In this case, it’s going to be focused on helping educators further develop their own social-emotional skills.” 

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