Appreciating Our Community Partners

This year, Morgridge College of Education is all about “Blooming Relationships” with current and future Community Partners. In April, MCE held its annual appreciation breakfast for community partners who are connected to the College in ways that are making lasting changes in our community. From school districts, to university and public libraries, to the Colorado Department of Education, our community partners are helping disseminate change across our city and our state.

The following Community Partners and Adjunct Faculty have been recognized for their commitment to and impact on Morgridge College of Education.

  • Cathy Martin – Director of Mathematics and Science for Denver Public Schools
  • Floyd Cobb – Executive Director of Curriculum and Instruction for Cherry Creek Schools and MCE Adjunct Professor in Curriculum and Instruction
  • Anderson Academic Commons – University of Denver Library Faculty
  • Marybeth Lehto – Lehto RMS Consulting and MCE Adjunct Professor in Research Methods and Statics
  • Barbara Bieber – School Psychology Consultant at Colorado Department of Education
  • Michael Faragher – Director of Problem Gambling Treatment and Research Center, MCE Adjunct Professor in Counseling Psychology

Together, Morgridge College of Education and its Community Partners are making lasting changes to the theories, policy and practice of education. With the help of our community partners, MCE students, faculty and staff have the opportunity for InContext Learning – practicing theory in real-world settings and conducting research in the areas and organizations that need it most.

Through these partnerships, the experience of residents, teachers and practitioners meets the technical knowledge of researchers, professors and students to calibrate our educational system towards equity and social justice. These “Blooming Relationships” impact individuals, families and organizations by providing InContext Learning opportunities and by building a foundation of research for the betterment of our world.

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