Celebrating Colorado Principals: Stephanie Auday

Adams 12 - Skyview Elementary

Adams 12 – Skyview Elementary

Stephanie Auday is in her 3rd year as principal of the Adams 12 Five Star Schools District Skyview Elementary School. She received her Bachelor’s Degree in Elementary Education from Minnesota State University at Mankato before moving to Colorado to further her career in teaching. Auday spent several years as a classroom educator in the Adams 12 school district before receiving her Master’s degree in Educational Leadership and Policy Studies through the Ritchie Program for School Leaderships in the Adams County Cohort.

Soon after graduating, Stephanie began leading in her community through three Assistant principal positions in the Adam 12 Elementary Schools. “The Ritchie program developed who I am as a leader, it focuses on beliefs and values that drive your day-to-day work”.

Auday attributes her successful career in leadership to the application of systems thinking. “Good systems allow people to be creative and successful… clear organization is key”. At Skyview Elementary, Auday has applied this principle by analyzing the school system and implementing a plan for teachers to stay an hour and a half longer together every Monday. During these Monday sessions, teachers collaborate with one another and walk away with something accomplished. “The complex nature of schooling means we (teachers) need to support each other professionally and emotionally.” This community effort continues into the rest of the week where teachers will stop in the hall or meet up in a classroom to touch base.

Auday wears her learner’s hat with her staff and is open to dialog, discussion, and pushback. She aims to empower her teachers to have the capacity to solve complex problems. “This isn’t a job you can do on your own…the goal is to live in a professional learning community,” Auday explained.

This post is part of a series of stories recognizing MCE graduates during National Principals Month.

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