Change Agent: Barth Quenzer

Barth Quenzer, Teacher Education Program graduate and DU change agent, was recently recognized for his exceptional teaching at Brown International Academy when he received the $25,000 Milken Educator Award. Barth’s passion for helping kids and active involvement in writing new art standards for Colorado contribute to the qualities that make Barth a model teacher for the state and the nation. With a natural tendency to teach and engage his classroom, Barth is impacting the way his students view and learn art.

At Brown International Academy, Quenzer has established a classroom for kindergarten through fifth grade students that isn’t just about teaching art, but teaching students to be artists.  Quenzer created a collaborative art space for his students to be artists in their specific talents, working together toward a greater vision. Barth also runs the after-school art club further elaborating on the importance of collaboration and community when it comes to understanding art.

Starting in 1985, the Milken Educator Awards were created to give educators the recognition they deserve. The Milken Educator Awards celebrate and ignite excellence in the education sector. Each year, outstanding teachers across the nation are selected to receive the Milken Educator Awards based on instructional practices, educational accomplishments, contributions to education, and inspiring classroom presence. Quenzer was one of the 40 teachers recognized nationwide this year by the Milken Family Foundation. Like many Milken Educators, Barth is and will continue to be an agent of change in reforming and strengthening K-12 education for years to come.

Among other professional achievements, Barth has also been awarded the 2012 Elementary Art Educator of the Year from the Colorado Art Education Association (CAEA) and the 2009 Mile High Teacher of the Year Award. Barth has been selected to serve as Content Collaborative member by the Colorado Department of Education to develop assessment and effective teaching strategies in visual arts.

Barth was Morgridge College of Education’s featured guest for the Winter Signature Event on January 17, 2013.

Find out more about Barth and the Milken Educator awards here


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