In order to register for classes at the Morgridge College of Education students need to use the university’s PioneerWeb portal. Once students have logged in using their School ID# and password they can use the instructions provided bellow to register for classes.

If you have issues registering visit the Registrar Office for solutions.

For printable instructions with images, download HERE.

class registration
Step 1:

Log on to

Step 2:

Select Student tab.

Step 3:

Locate the Registration Tool box. Make sure to check your registration status by clicking on “Registration status” before trying to register. If there are holds or other issues, contact Admissions to resolve the hold.

Step 4:

Select “Register for Classes”.

Step 5:

Enter your preferred term to register and subject.

Step 6:

Search for your course or enter the CRN.

Step 7:

Once you find the sections you want to take, click the Add button. You will notice that it has been placed in the “Calendar View” and in the “Summary View”. Since it has not been submitted, the course will be shaded.

Step 8:

Press “Submit”. Once you submit your request, the course in the calendar view and in the summary will change to green. You will notice that the status in the summary will state “Registered.” Confirmations and problems are noted in the message area at the top of the screen.

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