The goal of any good school leader should be to provide their students, staff, and faculty with the opportunity to succeed. Turnaround leadership and the Educational Leadership and Policy Studies (ELPS) program at MCE equip leaders to do just that.

One such school leader Kaleen Barnett—ELPS Ed.D. student—has been selected to run the Colorado High School Charter (CHSC) satellite campus serving Denver’s Globeville and Elyria-Swansea neighborhoods. The satellite campus, which opened in August 2016, supports a low-resource area with a large academically underserved population. CHSC has already seen incredible success using alternative academic environments to serve students with unique learning needs

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The SATELLITE School Experience

The satellite campus, led by Barnett, has partnered with the Colorado Construction Institute to provide vocational training, infusing the curriculum with individualized skill-building to help students reach future goals. According to Barnett, utilizing strong, established training via collaboration with a community organization is unique among Denver schools.

Students get the opportunity to apply the knowledge they develop in the classroom to aid them in the construction of real life projects. Students build items in their lab space ranging from planter boxes, to picnic benches, to buildings. Completed projects are given to the local community and other organizations. Walking through the neighborhood you will find park benches made by CHCS students.

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