Gifted Education Cohort

Question: What brings 23 educators and administrators from across Colorado together to embark on a 4-year educational journey?

Answer: A unique EdD program at MCE that helps meet Colorado’s needs in Gifted Education

A unique EdD program at MCE that helps meet Colorado’s needs in Gifted Education

A new cohort began summer 2021 for a select group of students pursuing an EdD in Gifted Education. “We were intentional to make sure that we were including representatives from across the state,” states Dr. Norma Hafenstein, the Daniel L. Ritchie Endowed Chair of Gifted Education and founder of the Ricks Center for Gifted Children. “As funding decreases across varying local districts, the need for advocates for Gifted Education is even greater. To have professionals with a formal doctoral level degree doing research in districts across the state will enhance gifted education and have great impact on those communities.”

Morgridge College of Education is unique in its commitment to and support of gifted education. MCE offers a full-service model for gifted education, from teacher training in specialized degree programs, to the research and outreach of the Office of the Daniel L. Ritchie Endowed Chair of Gifted Education, to direct service to the community through the Ricks Center for Gifted Children.

MCE’s Gifted Education EdD program in Curriculum Studies and Leadership is unique in that the cohort is a blended model of distance education and on-campus learning. The cohort comes together for summer classes at the University of Denver’s campus while, during the academic year, the classes are held online so that students of the cohort can maintain their professional positions in districts across the state and nation. Classroom and online learning are applied  to each student’s experience and career, as students are encouraged to conduct doctoral research that implements change and solves educational issues within their practicing districts.

With support from the Bradley Foundation, Dr. Norma Hafentstein and her colleagues, Bruce Uhrmacher and Richard Kitchen, will be documenting the growth and impact of the Gifted Education Cohort and at the end of the program, they plan on publishing the collection of doctoral research projects to learn about the various topics in Gifted Education that are impacting the entire state. “We look forward to seeing the impact at the end of the program”, Hafenstein stated.

In the few years the Gifted Education Cohort has been in session, the students, ranging from those who have been teaching for a few years to several decades, are impressed with their program choice:

  • “The classes have taught me a tremendous amount of knowledge that will go with me forever;”
  • “I am eager to share what I’ve learned with my partners back in my Gifted Education offices;”
  • “Thank you for helping me realize why I am in this field and providing such a fabulous opportunity.”

Morgridge College of Education offers several EdD tracks for educators and administrators who have a Masters degree and are looking to pursue further education. Concentrations are available in Curriculum and Instruction, Educational Leadership and Policy Studies, and Higher Education. Please contact the MCE Office of Admissions to learn more about programs and how to apply.

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