Julia Blase | Class of 2013 | MLIS in Library and Information Science

Julia Blase will be participating in the Library of Congress’ National Digital Stewardship Residency to continue learning InContext and gain experiences with some of Washington D.C.’s most renown archives and collections. Blase was selected to be one of the eight residents for the 2013-2014 NDSR program.

According to the National Digital Stewardship Residency’s website, the mission is “to build a dedicated community of professionals who will advance our nation’s capabilities in managing, preserving, and making accessible the digital record of human achievement. This will enable current and future generations to fully realize the potential of digital resources now and for years to come.”

To help carry out that mission, Julia will be at the National Security Archive working on digital stewardship, performing a diagnostic of and proposing improvements to the National Security Archive’s digital asset ingestion, management, and dissemination process. Blase will also complete an intensive two-week digital stewardship immersion workshop at the Library of Congress and, throughout the year, will attend a series of guest lectures and actively participate in the collaborative education community established by the residency program. At the conclusion of the program, she will present a summary of her project to a national audience at a professional conference.

Blase commented that MCE’s assistant professor, Dr. Krystyna Matusiak was instrumental in obtaining the residency.

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