Morgridge Faculty, Alumni, and Students Present at RMECC 2016

The Morgridge College of Education is proud to recognize the faculty, alumni, and students from the Early Childhood Special Education program who will be presenting at the 2016 Rocky Mountain Early Childhood Conference in Denver on February 19 and 20.

This Is Your Brain on Poverty: Helping Families Overcome the Effects
Pilyoung Kim & Rachel Schiff-Gray (ECSE MA Graduate)
Friday February 19, 11:00am – Colorado Convention Center Room 604

This workshop will provide early childhood professionals an overview of the effect of poverty on brain development and practical evidence-based strategies that can help families overcome some of these effects. This workshop is ideal for participants who work with children exposed to poverty.

Saturday Keynote Address – The Building Blocks of Mathematics
Dr. Douglas H. Clements (MCE Faculty) & Dr. Julie Sarama (MCE Faculty)
Saturday February 20, 7:45am – Colorado Convention Center

What are the building blocks of mathematics? How important are they? Drs. Clements and Sarama will answer these questions by summarizing recent research and development work including works they helped write. These works include the National Research Council report on early childhood mathematics, the report of President Bush’s National Math Advisory Panel, and the Common Core. Effective instructional approaches featured in this session include basing instruction on learning trajectories, which will be illustrated through a set of NSF- and IES-funded projects. Video segments and hands-on activities will provide concrete examples.

The Power of Knowledge: Teaching Geometry to Young Children
Heather Blizzard, Laura Dietert, and Ksenia Polson (MCE Graduate Students)
Saturday February 20th, 9:00am

This session will include a presentation of graduate student research on the best methods for teaching geometry to young children. The presentation includes a workshop that will provide instruction to administrators and teachers on how to better discuss attributes of mathematical shapes with preschoolers.

Effective Inclusive Partnerships: Collaborating with Parents
Jessica Carswell, Tara Brand, and Katie Belleau (ECSE MA Students)
Saturday February 20, 9:15am – Colorado Convention Center Room 702

Participants will learn about the importance of keeping parents involved with inclusive practices within a classroom. The presenters will provide strategies for effective communication between all specialists, guardians and teachers involved in supporting a child’s development.

Engaging Ways to Support Fine Motor Development
Brita Strub (ECSE Certificate Graduate)
Saturday February 20, 9:15am – Colorado Convention Center Room 605

In this workshop participants will learn fun, easy, and effective ways to increase students’ fine motor skills. Participants will be able to implement these into the classroom immediately, in both large group and small group settings. The activities are easy to differentiate, set up/clean up, and interactive.

To Kindergarten & Beyond! Parents’ Perspective & Supporting Transitions
Hazuki Tochihara (ECSE Graduate) & Ali Van Heusen
Saturday February 20, 11:00am – Colorado Convention Center Room 502

This presentation will share firsthand accounts of what parents and guardians of young children with special needs have experienced before, during, and after major transitions, such as welcoming an infant with a disability to a family and going to Kindergarten.

Evidence-Based Practices for Children with Disabilities
Jeanine Coleman, Ph.D. (ECSE Clinical Assistant Professor) & Lissanna Follari
Saturday February 20, 1:30pm – Colorado Convention Center Room 402

The Division for Early Childhood recently published a new version of Recommended Practices. This presentation will bring the Recommended Practices to life by giving participants realistic examples of how to implement the practices within inclusive early childhood environments.

Teaching Strategies Gold: A Collaboration between ECE & ECSE Teachers
Jeanine Coleman, Ph.D. (ECSE Clinical Assistant Professor) & Max Panten
Saturday February 20, 3:15pm – Colorado Convention Center Room 402

This workshop will present a guide for itinerant Early Childhood Special Education (ECSE) teachers to use Teaching Strategies Gold (TSG) in collaboration with Early Childhood Education (ECE) teachers. ECSE and ECE teachers will understand how to use TSG to plan for differentiated instruction for children with disabilities, plan for tiered intervention strategies for children who are at risk for delays, and inform Individualized Education Program (IEP) annual reviews.


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