Professional Development: Early Career Teachers Sustaining the Fire

Often new teachers enter their career excited and full of energy, but rapidly begin to feel like something is missing. Too quickly they feel like leaving. Is this you? Someone you know?

Paul michalec

Dr. Paul michalec

Early Career Teachers: Sustaining the Fire is an opportunity to join a community of other early career teachers to share stories, develop skills and provide support during this critical time of professional identity formation. The early years of teaching often follow a yearly pattern that starts with excitement in the fall and bottoms out in December with disillusionment followed by anticipation in the late spring. Most schools and school districts lack the capacity for helping teachers work through the learning associated with disillusionment and loss of heart. Consequently, many teachers exit the field of education before they have three years of experience. Under the guidance of Dr. Paul Michalec, you will learn both the latest research in the experiences of early career teachers, strategies and techniques for responding to the challenges, and participate in a community of fellow practitioners sharing stories of early career experiences.

The session will be held Wednesday April 8th, 2015 from 5:00 – 7:00 PM. It will be held in Ruffatto Hall, room 202, 1999 E. Evans Avenue, Denver CO 80208 and will cost $25.

We hope you will join us and continue your professional learning, transforming passion into purpose.

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