Research Methods and Statistics Alumni Showcase


A degree in Research Methods and Statistics from the Morgridge College of Education provides access to a variety of career opportunities. Hands-on learning experiences embedded in the program prepare our graduates to apply their skills in the fields of higher education, government, health, and beyond. Many of our graduates have excelled in their careers and now stand as leaders in their field.

FeatureD Alumni

Research Methods and Statistics Alumni. Where Are they Now_4Assistant Professor – Philip Osteen, Ph.D is currently employed by the Florida State University (FSU) College of Social Work. At FSU Dr. Osteen teaches general linear modeling in the College’s Ph.D program. Dr. Osteen, who has a background in Social Work, focuses his research on crisis intervention, culturally competent practice, LGBTQ, measurement development, mental health, Social Work education, and suicide prevention.

Research Methods and Statistics Alumni. Where Are they Now_1Director, Accountability & Research – Mya L. Martin-Glenn, Ph.D is responsible for District and state level assessments within Aurora Public Schools. She supervises educational research meets by meeting with district and building administrators on assessment issues, designing and conducting evaluations, developing assessment reports, and sharing assessment results.

Research Methods and Statistics Alumni. Where Are they Now_3Research Manager – Veronica A. Gardner, Ph.D works at D3, an international research firm where she leads, trains, and mentors a team of research analysts that manage public opinion surveys, monitor and evaluate projects, and monitor media research in various countries. Dr. Gardner oversees projects throughout the full research cycle, from contracting to research design.

Research Methods and Statistics Alumni. Where Are they Now_5Clinical Assistant Professor – Jini Puma, Ph.D teaches Research and Evaluation Methods courses at the University of Colorado Denver, Colorado School of Public Health. Dr. Puma also writes grants to fund her Culture of Wellness in Preschools (COWP) public health intervention program, oversees the implementation of the COWP intervention, advises students, and writes manuscripts.

Research Methods and Statistics Alumni. Where Are they Now_4 ( Michelle Vanchu_Orosco)Post-Doctoral Research Associate – Michelle Vanchu-Orosco, Ph.D, coordinates and runs activities necessary for the successful completion of the SSHRC-funded Partnership Grant. The project, entitled Digitizing the Wisdom of Our Elders: From Digital Storytelling to Life Learning Project, received the 1st Place Exhibits Session Award at Postdoctoral Research Day.

Research Methods and Statistics Alumni. Where Are they Now_2 (Morgan earp)Research Statistician – Morgan S. Earp, Ph.D works as a government employee for the Bureau of Labor Statistics Office of Survey Methods Research where she assesses non-response bias and measurement error. She also teaches courses in statistical analysis and quantitative research methods at George Washington University. Dr. Earp is an active member of the American Association for Public Opinion Research.

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