EVALUATING BETTER TOGETHER – Friday, February 7, 2020

Through this gathering, we seek to create a safe space to discuss the challenges we face in our evaluation work, to share our hard-earned lessons learned, and to build a community of evaluation in our region. We’d like to emphasize that this event is especially for professionals in the field. While the conference is organized by graduate students and hosted at the university, our biggest goal is to create a shared space in which all evaluation professionals in the region can connect and learn from one another.

This gathering will be similar in scope to that of the annual meetings of the Organization for Program Evaluation in Colorado at Peaceful Valley Lodge. These meetings allowed practitioners to meet up outside of the office in order to engage in roundtable discussions, present papers and posters, and engage in skill-building workshops. We are hoping to continue this meaningful and long-standing tradition while also helping young and aspiring evaluators to become familiar with our professional community.

Evaluating Better Together is part of a growing assembly of national graduate student-led evaluation conferences, including: the Edward F. Kelly Evaluation Conference (held in Canada and upstate New York from 1990-2014), the Emergent Voices in Evaluation Conference (held in Greensboro, North Carolina, from 2017-present), and the DC Consortium Student Conference on Evaluation and Policy (SCEP, held in the District of Columbia from 2017-present).


Please see the right-hand menu for links to the Call for Proposals and other relevant resources. Proposals will be reviewed, and presenters will be notified August-January. Conference sessions will take place Friday, February 7.




Katherine Ruffatto Hall
1999 E. Evans Ave.
Denver, CO 80210



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