Featured Publications

  • Belansky, E.S., Cutforth, N., Chavez, R.A., Waters, E., Horch, K. (2011). An adapted version of intervention mapping (AIM) is a tool for conducting community-based participatory research. Health Promotion Practice, 12, 440-455.
  • Belansky, E.S., Cutforth, N. (2012). Adapted Intervention Mapping: A Unique Approach to Planning and Implementing Policy and Environmental Change.  The Digest (Academy of Nutrition and Dietetics, Dietetic Practice Group: Public Health/Community Nutrition), 6-11.
  • Farewell, C., Puma, J., Powers, J., & Belansky, E.S. (2017). Assess. Identify. Make it Happen. (AIM) for Preschools: A Tool to Decrease Early Childhood Obesity. Health Promotion Practice.
  • Ingman, B. C. (2016). The student experience of community-based research: An autoethnography. Journal of Higher Education Outreach and Engagement, 20(3), 62-89.
  • Ingman, B. C., Lohmiller, K., Cutforth, N., Borley, L., & Belansky, E. S. (2017). Community-engaged curriculum development: Working with middle school students, teachers, principals, and stakeholders for healthier schools. Curriculum and Teaching Dialogue, 19(1), 9-34.
  • Allen, S. & Johnson, C. (Fall 2011).  Where is the community?  New York City Charter Schools and the Power Elite.  Theory, Research and Action in Urban Education. V. 1, No. 1.
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