Social Emotional Learning Summit for Educators

Presented by the Teacher Education Program
Monday, December 10th
10:00am – 2:00pm
Lunch will be provided

With the increasing focus in schools on social emotional learning (SEL), we have created this learning opportunity for emerging educators to become more familiar with SEL. Attendees will learn about how to identify their own social and emotional skills and connect them with their growth as teachers and their own emotional wellness. They will also learn ways to build an SEL focus into the classroom with students. The day will include whole group presentations, break-out sessions, and opportunities for small group discussion. Lunch will be provided.

Please be sure to check back on this site often for additional break-out sessions and presenter information.

Schedule At-A-Glance

10:00-10:25 Intro/overview
10:30-11:10 Break-out #1
11:15-11:55 Break-out #2
12:00-12:40 Lunch, informal discussions
12:45-1:25 Break-out #3
1:30-2:00 Facilitated discussions
2:00-2:45 Yoga session (optional)

Session Descriptions

Break-Out #1 (10:30-11:10)

Presenter: Dr. Amy K. McDiarmid, Visiting Assistant Professor, Morgridge College of Education

In response to the need to support students’ social emotional learning at the universal, targeted and intensive levels within classrooms, emerging educators will learn about differentiation related to social emotional learning. Attendees will learn about universal practices that address social emotional learning for the entire classroom that integrate into your lesson planning. In addition, attendees will explore targeted and intensive differentiation strategies for social emotional learning for students as incorporated into lesson planning.

Presenter: Cody Wiggs, Executive Director, Empowering Education

This experiential workshop will explore the neuropsychological connection between mindfulness and trauma. We will briefly review the research supporting the use of mindfulness as a self-care strategy, define the ‘what, why, and how’ of mindfulness, and discuss the implications of mindfulness as it relates to psychological trauma, adverse childhood experiences, and nervous system states. Participants will experience the benefits of mindfulness first-hand through various mindfulness practices and deep breathing techniques.

Break-Out #2 (11:15-11:55)

Presenter: Dr. Franita Ware,  Program Manager of Culture Equity and Leadership Team at Denver Public Schools

Radical self-care (Ware, 2016) examines the intersection of equitable and culturally sustaining (Ladson-Billings, 2014) classrooms and the teacher’s need for active self-care. The impact of stress on teachers is one of the challenges of creating a classroom climate that is inclusive and supportive of the academic and emotional needs for all students. The stress created from the responsibilities of excelling in the profession impacts teachers emotional and physical health. The workshop, Radical Self Care provides an opportunity for educators to examine their self-care practices with a goal of avoiding the need for a radical self-care intervention. Participants of this workshop will create an intentional active self-care plan that will enhance their health and their classroom climate.

Presenter: Dr. Norma Hafenstein, Daniel L. Ritchie Endowed Chair in Gifted Education at the University of Denver; Joi Lin, Doctoral student at the University of Denver

Develop your self-awareness by learning about your own social and emotional intensities. Participants will take a brief assessment of their intense overexcitabilities based upon the work of Dabrowski. This session will include a brief Q&A and reflections on accommodating intensities personally and within the classroom.

Break-Out #3 (12:45-1:25)

Presenter: Lauren LaComb, Healthy Schools Coordinator for Douglas County School District

This workshop is about the educator and their own sense of social-emotional awareness. Brain functioning and self-compassion will be the focus of this workshop, with key takeaways that will enhance one’s presence in life.

Presenters: Frank Coyne, Leader Partner and Founder of the Denver Green School; Cody Wiggs, Executive Director of Empowering Education; Caitlin Calhoun, Teacher at the Denver Green School

You will hear from the Leader Partner and Founder of the Denver Green School Frank Coyne as to why DGS has embraced SEL learning for the past 5 years and the impact it’s had on our school. You will get to hear from Executive Director of Empowering Education, Cody Wiggs who will lay the foundation of the importance of SEL from a brain science perspective to help students especially those who have experienced trauma in their lives.  Lastly, you will get to hear from an expert SEL teacher at the Denver Green School, Caitlin Calhoun. Caitlin will talk about how it really looks on the ground and in the classroom. She will share real-life stories of how SEL works and the challenges of implementing it successfully. Our goal of the session is for you to leave inspired but know that it’s not always easy, but that teaching SEL is essential for the academic and emotional well being of our students.

Session Presenters

Dr. Amy K. McDiarmid received her doctorate degree from the University of Denver and is a Nationally Certified School Psychologist. She has worked as a Behavior Specialist through the Colorado Department of Education and provided urban and rural districts with guidance around intervention and data collection at the universal, targeted and intensive levels of service. She worked as a School Psychologist with Denver Public Schools for thirteen years.  During that time she specialized in alternative education providing assessment, counseling, consultation and crisis intervention (school, district & state level).  Additionally, she has delivered school-wide and district guidance around social-emotional development and educating the whole child.  Currently, Dr. McDiarmid is an Assistant Professor of Practice in the Child, Family, School Psychology Program at the University of Denver.

In her role, Lauren supports the Whole School, Community, Child model through site-based initiatives. Currently, she and her team work with 66 schools who focus on enhancing physical activity, nutrition, and social-emotional learning in their schools. Lauren specializes specifically on mindfulness and SEL curriculum.

Franita Ware, Ph.D. is the author of the classic article, Warm Demander Pedagogy: Culturally Responsive Teaching That Supports a Culture of Achievement for African American Teachers. She is a Program Manager with the Culture Equity and Leadership Team of Denver Public Schools and a former Adjunct Professor with the Morgridge College of Education. She is currently writing a manuscript on effective warm demander and culturally sustaining teachers in contemporary public schools.

Frank Coyne is a founder and Lead Partner at Denver Green School – a model Innovation school that uses hands-on, brains-on learning to prepare all learners to lead the way toward a sustainable, bright green future. At the heart of his educational philosophy is the strong belief that students will learn best by “doing”—but not merely doing for the sake of experience, rather he believes that students have a hunger to learn while working to solve problems-problems that matter to them.

Caitlin is a 2nd grade teacher and leader at the Denver Green School, where she focuses on teaching the ‘whole child’ and encouraging young students to invite challenges, to be creative problem solvers, and to change our world for the better. She first got involved with mindfulness based social emotional learning in 2008 when she was living and teaching in Northern California. She is trained as a Mindful Educator through Mindful Schools and she received her Masters in Teaching from the University of San Francisco.

Cody is the author of Empowering Minds (A K-8 Mindfulness-Based SEL Curriculum), the Executive Director of Empowering Education, and a therapist specializing in the treatment of post-traumatic stress and treatment-resistant depression. He has been designing and implementing social-emotional programs for the last seven years. He has also been working with youth for the last decade in a variety of settings from school counseling, wilderness therapy, international service learning trips, community organizing, and private practice. Cody is a licensed professional counselor, a licensed school counselor, a certified yoga instructor, and a long-time practitioner of mindfulness. His work is informed by his travel and study of indigenous healing practices in SE Asia, South America, and North America.

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