Assefa, Shimelis, Ph.D.

Associate Professor

Library and Information Science
Associate Professor

303-871-6072, KRH 244

Dr. Assefa received his PhD from the University of North Texas.  He is active at the Association for Information Science and Technology (ASIS&T) and Association of Library & Information Science Education (ALISE). Dr. Assefa served and continues to serve as co-chair at the SIG International Issues in Information (SIG III of ASIS&T) and Pratt-Severn Faculty Innovation Award of ALISE.  His research activities are anchored around two fundamental notions in the field of library and information science: (1) the nexus between human cognitive agent and the bibliographic universe, and (2) the interaction between work systems and technology systems.  Dr. Assefa enjoys biking, sightseeing, swimming, and spending time with family. Portfolio

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