Assefa, Shimelis, Ph.D.

Associate Professor

Library and Information Science
Associate Professor

303-871-6072, KRH 244

Dr. Assefa received his PhD in information science from the University of North Texas. His research focuses on diffusion of knowledge and innovation, knowledge production, and data for development - all in the context of Africa, as well as information systems success, health informatics and learning technologies. His current research investigates the role of big data and data use to achieve the United Nation’s Sustainable Development Goal (SDG) #3 – i.e. – healthcare and well-being, taking Africa as a case. Dr. Assefa developed and taught numerous graduate level courses in the area of information science and technology, including information science, data mining, data visualization, database management system, information architecture, library and information technology, web content management, usability, user-centered design, information retrieval, information seeking behavior, teaching and learning with technology. For more details, please visit his Portfolio Page or personal website.

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