Career resources

The Office of Student Employment connects DU students with employers on campus and in the Denver area. They provide students and alumni with the guidance, resources, and advice they need for success. Some employment opportunities can be discovered through the DU Careers Job Board or on the Off-campus Job Board. Students looking to develop a professional page to share with employers and other professionals, can access a free personal portfolio page supplied by the University. On their personal page, students, faculty, staff, and alumni can upload completed projects, resumes, images, etc.

On-Campus Student Employment

Work study positions are available on campus on a need-based  financial aid award that allows undergraduate and graduate students to work on campus or with an approved community service employer to earn money for college expenses. Along with DU, MCE provides a number of employment opportunities to our students. These opportunities include graduate assistantships (GTA), graduate research assistantships (GRA), fellowships, and hourly positions. For more information on MCE employment opportunities, please see the Financial Aid FAQ.

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