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What is a Turnaround Leader?

Most educational leaders are hired to lead their schools and improve their current environment. Educational turnaround leaders, however, are hired to transform their schools.

A turnaround leader is defined by their unique skills, knowledge, attributes, and competencies that empower him or her to effectively lead a turnaround school. Successful turnaround leaders are particularly attuned to the specific challenges of schools requiring drastic change. “Effective turnaround leaders are driven by a moral purpose and the moral imperative to change the life outcomes of their students” says Morgridge College of Education (MCE) Clinical Assistant Professor Doris Candelarie, Ph.D.

Turnaround leaders must be uniquely skilled at leading their teachers, parents, and communities through the vision of the regeneration of their schools.  Their leadership includes the ability to envision what has not existed before, not just an improved school or a better school, but a different school.

“They are leaders with high intellectual attributes and strong emotional attributes, balanced with a willingness to question the status quo and reflect in action” says Dr. Candelarie.

Why get Your Turnaround Leadership Training with MCE?

The MCE’s Educational Leadership and Policy Studies Program (ELPS) is a recognized leader in its field and has been identified by the Colorado Department of Education as an approved provider of turnaround leadership education.

The ELPS program has infused turnaround leadership education into all of its curriculum and degree offerings (Certificates, MA, Ed.D, and Ph.D.). Coursework utilizes a Design Thinking process to unearth an important challenge, define the challenge and generate diverse solutions to it, transform the ideas into a concrete method to approach the problem, and design a process for evaluating, improving, and refining the solution.

ELPS faculty have collaborated with faculty from the Daniels College of Business to redesign curriculum that integrates the best of business and education to prepare leaders to drive results that make a difference for all students in their schools, districts, and communities.

What do our turnaround Leadership sTUDENTS hAVE TO sAY?

“The Design Thinking prototype made a significant impact by building a culture of trust, establishing norms, and promoting collaboration and feedback. We are grounded and anchored in a document that is sustainable and we have now committed to reorganizing, reshaping, and re-visioning the WLA Staff Charter on an annual basis.” – Cris Sandoval, ELPS MA and ELSS Cert Graduate “In the beginning I mentioned my intense frustration in my current role. Teaching is difficult, and I’ve learned that leading is just as difficult. It’s lonely to feel constantly criticized, either for challenging the status quo or standing up for your values. This project  has been an exercise in learning to be comfortable with questioning.” – Liz Fitzgerald, ELPS MA and ELSS Cert 
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