Library and Information Science

Library and Information Science
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Is your career interest to work as the conduit connecting information, people, and ideas? Have you considered a career as a librarian, archivist, or information professional? Our Master’s in Library and Information Science program in the Department of Research Methods and Information Science provides a variety of learning experiences that will prepare you to transform communities of all types by connecting people with ideas in a technology-rich world.

The Library and Information Science program at Morgridge is based on practices and underlying theories of information creation, information seeking behavior, information technology and its users, information organization, information use, and curation of information in many forms.

Our program focuses on cultivating the knowledge and skills needed to develop, implement, and evaluate information technologies, manage and evaluate information effectively, take leadership roles in information settings, effectively manage organizational and technological change, and assist diverse information users in effectively accessing and utilizing information for personal, public, and organizational decision making and problem solving.

Faculty, staff, and many supporters are dedicated to helping you become a leader and innovator in the wide world of libraries, archives, and information organizations.

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