Welcome from Dean Michelle Knight-Manuel

Dean Michelle Knight-Manuel

Welcome to the Morgridge College of Education. I am honored to be a part of a dynamic community dedicated to engaging in groundbreaking research, fostering innovation, and preparing leaders in education, mental health, and information services and systems to address society’s greatest challenges. 

Through our outstanding programs and local and global partnerships, and our nationally known faculty, alumni, students, staff, and engaged community members, we are committed to excellence in research, teaching, service, and diversity, equity and inclusion to meet the needs of multiple, diverse communities.

We believe in hands-on experiences in the classroom, and extending into internships, clinics, labs, and community-based organizations. You will find mentors who are passionate about creating a vibrant, collaborative, and culturally relevant environment. The constellation of these experiences and interactions within our community of learners will help you to accomplish your goals and provide you with a rich understanding of the real-world impact that you can have.  

I am excited about the possibilities that lie ahead for you and how you might thrive here at the Morgridge College of Education. I invite you to explore our programs and speak with faculty, staff, students, and alumni. I hope you will join us! 



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Social Justice

At the Morgridge College of Education, social justice is at the core of our community. Our commitment to diversity, equity and inclusion goes beyond theory. It is woven into the fabric of the College with a commitment to underserved populations in tangible, real-world ways.

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We're dedicated to going beyond words and taking action against racism and discrimination. Leaders across the College have worked collaboratively to continue existing efforts and initiate new efforts to effect change within the College, the academy and the broader community.

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Improving Lives

Our goal is to improve the lives of those who have been marginalized due to their backgrounds. Developing and scaling effective solutions to inequities requires breaking down barriers between disciplines and systems, and actively partnering with communities.

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The Morgridge College of Education, ranked as one of the best graduate schools in the nation, is committed to improving our communities and the world around us. We believe in positive social change, inclusive excellence and unleashing the power of learning. We prepare professionals for transformative careers as educators, innovators and leaders. Our diverse and flexible programs are designed to help students pursue their passions — online or in person.

Educational Approach

We subscribe to the philosophy of learning by doing, with a major emphasis on opportunities for hands-on research and work within communities.

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Top 100 Morgridge College of Education (2021, US News and World Report)

Top 25 Educational Leadership & Policy Studies (2021, US News and World Report)

Top 35 Library & Information Science (2021, US News and World Report)

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