Educational Leadership and Policy Studies

Educational Leadership and Policy Studies
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The Educational Leadership and Policy Studies (ELPS) program prepares courageous, visionary, and transformative leaders in educational settings at all levels of the education system. We achieve this through intensive, integrated academic and field-based experiences, and project-based learning. Our students learn to create learning communities that foster academic achievement and optimal growth and development for all learners. Our students focus on leadership, policy studies, and research that is relevant and appropriate for meeting today’s educational challenges.

In 2016, US News and World Report ranked the ELPS program one of the top 20 Educational Administration and Supervision programs in the nation.

In 2014, the University Council of Educational Administration (UCEA) awarded the ELPS program the Exemplary Educational Leadership Preparation Program Award.

In 2015, the ELPS MA program was approved by the Colorado Department of Education as a Leadership Development Provider for Turnaround Leadership. Turnaround leadership education is infused into all of our degree programs. Graduates of our program will leave able to unearth important challenges within schools, define the challenge and generate diverse solutions to it, transform the solutions into a concrete method to approach the problem, and design a process for evaluating, improving, and refining the solution.

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