Assessment Services

Psychoeducational Assessment of Children and Adolescents — Birth through Adulthood

We offer assessments focusing on:

  • Academic strengths and growth areas
  • Assessments of social-emotional and trauma-informed needs
  • Insights into cognitive strengths, including assessments of giftedness
  • Consultations for community organizations
  • Career consultations
  • Individual psycho-educational assessments for adults 18 years and older


What Do We Provide?

We provide assessments and recommendations for:

  • Social and/or communication skills
  • Attention strategies
  • Behavior strategies
  • College students seeking disability accommodations
  • Early childhood development
  • Emotional strategies
  • Gifted/Highly Gifted assessments
  • Learning challenges


What Is the Cost?

In order to keep assessments affordable and to ensure equitable access for all, we offer our services on a sliding scale. Please email us at or call 303-871-6395 for more information.