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  • Dissertation/Doctoral Research Credits for Continuous Enrollment

    Doctoral programs in the Morgridge College of Education require a minimum of ten (10) Dissertation (Ph.D.) or Doctoral Research (Ed.D.) credit hours. In order to maintain degree candidacy, MCE doctoral students who have finished all required course work will register for one dissertation or doctoral research credit or other credit for consecutive terms fall through spring (summers not required) until the student graduates. Although a total of 10 dissertation/doctoral research credits are required, student progress toward the degree may require students to register for more than 10 credits to maintain degree candidacy. Students on an approved leave of absence are not required to register for dissertation credits, although they still must meet the minimum of 10 dissertation/doctoral research credits to graduate. With advisor approval, doctoral students may register for up to 50% of the minimum number of dissertation credits required by the student’s program prior to the completion of all coursework and comprehensive exams. Dissertation credit, as with any credits, will not be refunded if the student does not successfully complete the student’s dissertation, other required courses, or qualifying or comprehensive exams.

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