Who We Are

Positive Early Learning Experiences (PELE) Center is a research, development and technical assistance center committed to improving inclusive experiences for young children, their families and the professionals who serve them.


Our Vision

One day, every early childhood system will be equipped to effectively support and celebrate ALL children, honor their individual strengths, needs and identities, and welcome ALL families by saying, "If you live nearby, you belong in our high-quality, inclusive environment.”


Our Mission

Positive Early Learning Experiences (PELE) Center delivers customized, comprehensive supports to leaders and providers in states, communities, and local programs who aspire to create and sustain effective, high-quality, inclusive experiences with every young child and family.


Our Values

We adhere to the primary truth that complex change requires transformative solutions.  

Together, we will: 

  • Promote the fundamental truth that if experiences are not inclusive, they are not quality
  • Challenge attitudes and beliefs that limit possibilities and potential for children and families
  • Ensure that families are integral to the design, delivery and evaluation of high-quality inclusive experiences
  • Dismantle barriers at many levels  
  • Adopt, sustain, and scale up solutions through implementation science  
  • Prioritize provider wellness and build capacity with practice-based coaching   
  • Commit to kind and supportive interactions and relationships that result in belonging for everyone 
  • Continuously improve by examining relevant data and making responsive changes

Contact Sally Hansen at sally.hansen@du.edu to learn about available supports and opportunities.

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Technical Assistance Efforts

We provide technical assistance and training on effective practices and policies for the promotion of optimal outcomes for young children, their families and those who serve them.

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Research Projects

We're committed to conducting research on evidence-based practices that promote the development of young children with and without disabilities in inclusive settings.

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