What Do We Do?

The PELE Center is devoted to improving outcomes for young children with special needs, their families and those who serve them. In service to this overall goal we:

  • Conduct rigorous research to examine better ways of supporting children’s development
  • Assist schools in replicating evidence-based practices in inclusive settings
  • Work with states to adapt, scale-up, and sustain the Pyramid Model, expand high-quality inclusive options and eliminate suspension and expulsion practices
  • Provide training opportunities nationwide for students, professionals and family members

What Are Our Values?

All of our work is guided by a set of values that include:

  • Children, families and those that serve them have an absolute right to services based upon the best scientific evidence
  • Children with special needs thrive in inclusive settings and opportunities to engage with peers are essential to long-term, positive outcomes
  • Our practices, products, and training activities must be responsive to the diverse needs of consumers
  • Data-based decision-making at the individual child, family, program, and state level is essential
  • Public policies that are just, equitable and individually appropriate are advocated
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