Our Philosophy

Our Beliefs and Who We Are

We believe children learn best in a setting that respects, values and encourages all aspects of the social, emotional, cognitive and physical development of each individual child.

We believe children benefit from an interactive and play-based approach to learning.

We believe families provide the foundation, key experiences, and interactions that children need to grow and learn. We actively encourage a partnership with family members to enhance the potential of each child.

We believe Fisher Early Learning Center should serve as a model inclusive learning program and an environment for professional development, research, and training in early childhood education.

We believe Fisher Early Learning Center serves as a model in community collaboration and partnership development for the delivery of quality services to children and families.

About Us


The mission of Fisher Early Learning Center is to provide children with a continuum of learning experiences in an inclusive setting that reflects research-based practices, celebrates diversity and addresses the uniqueness of each child. Through family and community partnerships and high professional standards, Fisher offers a quality program that establishes a foundation of skills and knowledge essential to the development of competent and caring young children.


Through partnerships with families and communities, and a commitment to professional development, Fisher will serve as the model for high-quality care and education that results in creating an optimal learning environment where all children achieve their full potential.


The Fisher Early Learning Center provides an innovative and creative model of early childhood education, in addition to an active and engaging learning environment that fosters all aspects of development through comprehensive and multi-disciplinary activities. Children of all abilities, from infants through preschoolers, are welcome to play, explore, and expand their repertoire of skills.