Health and Safety Information

We use CDPHE Infectious Disease Guidelines and How Sick is Too Sick (CDPHE) as a guideline to determine when children/staff should stay home.  

Below are the main reasons to keep your children at home. They are when your child is:  

  • at risk of infecting others with COVID-19 or another contagious illness, either because of symptoms or recent close contact. 
  • does not feel well enough to take part in usual activities. For example, a child is overly tired, fussy or will not stop crying. 
  • needs more care than teachers and staff can give while still caring for the other children. 
  • has symptoms or an illness is on this exclusionary list, and staying home is required. 

We follow CDC guidelines for COVID-19 isolation (when a test is positive).  

  • If a child or staff member tests positive for COVID-19, isolate for 5 days. They return to school with improving symptoms, wearing masks for another 5 days.  While CDC recommends mask-wearing for children over 2 years old we will never force them to wear masks.  
  • Unlike in the past, COVID testing is NOT required to return to school. Similarly, we do not ask children/staff with symptoms or those exposed to COVID to take a COVID test. The choice is yours. Please follow the CDPHE "How Sick is Too Sick" guidelines to determine if your child(ren) should stay home. 
  • When there is exposure in your child(ren)'s classroom(s), you will receive a standard exposure notice from the director or associate director. This alert protocol applies to all other infectious illnesses, such as when there is a confirmed case of Influenza.  

Please note that these illness policies and COVID protocols are based on currently available CDC/CDPHE/DU regulations. They are subject to change depending on the public health trends throughout the school year.