Opportunities at Marsico

We seek to recruit and develop talent that supports our research and prepares students and Post Docs to become successful researchers. Our policies and procedures enable and support growth in an intentionally positive workplace climate. 

Additionally, we are continually developing a network of early childhood professionals to give us feedback on activities developed for LearningTrajectories.org, to contribute video to inspire other educators to develop young children's STEM learning, and to participate in our research projects. 


DU campus

Job Opportunities

Employment Opportunities:

For the most up-to-date information on our employment openings, please visit the University of Denver job board at jobs.du.edu and search Marsico Institute for Early Learning.

Student Employment Opportunities:

For the most up-to-date information on our student employment openings, please visit Pioneer Careers at https://du.12twenty.com and search Marsico Institute for Early Learning.

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Community Partnership Opportunities

We are looking to build a community of early childhood professionals who are interested in early math and science. There are many ways you can get involved - from trying our learning activities yourself with your students, to allowing us time in your classroom to play with new ideas, or enrolling in a current or future research project. Email us at MCE.LT2@du.edu for more information!

Other Opportunities for Partnership

We seek to provide empirically tested and high-quality curricula, assessments, evaluation, and professional development to the broader early childhood educational community. Please contact Crystal Day-Hess if you have specific needs in these areas.