The Marsico Institute for Early Learning regularly contributes to the early childhood field through publications and presentations. See more about our work in these areas of expertise.

Early Math

Divided into early math development and early math interventions, Marsico Institute researchers publish articles about children's development and learning of early math. We also publish about interventions, pursuing knowledge about what works for whom and in what context.

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Early STEM

Marsico Institute conducts research and publishes articles on STEM in early education and has a focus on ensuring access in effective and equitable ways.

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Educational Technology

Marsico Institute has experience in the research and development of educational technology. We design platforms based on the latest pedagogical knowledge and take advantage of cutting-edge technological advancements.

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Professional Development

Marsico Institute researchers tackle how professional development in early mathematics can be most effective and how these interventions impact early education outcomes.

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Teaching & Learning

Marsico Institute researchers write research- and practitioner-focused articles and thought leadership pieces on teaching and learning to inform the educational field.

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