Research and Evaluation Projects

Marsico Institute for Early Learning conducts research focused on improving learning environments and outcomes for children, birth to age eight. Through the leadership of Co-Directors, Drs. Douglas H. Clements and Julie Sarama, the Marsico Institute staff and post-doctoral fellows focus on development and research to improve access to high-quality early education, with an emphasis on teaching and learning early math and evaluating curricula that supports the whole child.

Early Math

Marsico Institute conducts extensive research on early math teaching and learning. We seek to understand how children develop, think, and learn in an effort to improve learning environments and access to high-quality early math education.

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Early Learning & Development

Marsico Institute partners with educational agencies and institutes on a local and national level. We develop, implement, and evaluate initiatives to study children's development in diverse contexts, enhancing early learning opportunities for children.

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Curriculum Research

The Marsico Institute works with educators and researchers to develop and evaluate early childhood education curricula, with the goals of supporting teachers and enhancing learning opportunities for the whole child.

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Early Math Measurement

Marsico Institute develops and disseminates math measures that provide well-researched and effective assessment, which will enhance education for young children.

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