Learning Trajectories

Learning and Teaching with Learning Trajectories – also known as [LT]2 is frequently updated with new activities and resources about early childhood math teaching and learning. It can be accessed at www.learningtrajectories.org.

[LT]2 is a web-based tool for early childhood educators to learn about how children think and learn about mathematics, and how to teach mathematics to young children “their way” (birth to age 8). [LT]allows teachers, caregivers, and parents to see the learning trajectories for math as they view short video clips of classroom instruction and children working on math problems in a way that clearly reveals their thinking. 

It also includes a tool for designing lessons plans aligned to the Common Core State Standards and most state standards, as well as focusing on specific ages/grades, or addressing objectives of the widely used Teaching Strategies GOLD assessment. Resources include practical articles, such as resources for using books to support math learning or ways families can incorporate math into daily routines, as well as research-focused resources that explain why some of the activities on the site are designed as they are.

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