Our Work

We partner with rural communities using a community-based participatory research approach to address issues of concern in their communities. Our projects are guided by Steering Committees and Community Advisory Boards comprised of stakeholders from the community.

Explore our projects below to learn more about our innovative and impactful work in the areas of comprehensive health and wellness planning; implementing health and wellness practices in schools; social-emotional health for students, teachers, and service providers; and workforce development for professionals working with children and families.

Current Projects and Programs


Wellbeing and Equity in Rural Colorado Schools (WERCS) is a 5-year effort to support rural schools in implementing practices to promote wellbeing and mental health for youth and school staff.

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Mental Health PILLARS

The Mental Health PILLARS is a 2-year effort bringing together a Planning Team of educators from across rural Colorado districts to develop a regional learning agenda on supporting student and educator mental health.

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Developing Resiliency and Equitable Approaches to Mental Health (DREAM) is an equity-centered project to promote school mental health strategies.

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Shortening the Research-to-Practice Delay

The Shortening the Research-to-Practice Delay project investigates how schools learn about and select evidence-based practices to support student mental health.

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Rebuilding the Arkansas Valley Foodshed

The Arkansas Valley Foodshed project aims to reinvigorate the regional foodshed of southeastern Colorado.

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ECHO-DU is a set of online professional learning communities for educators based on Project ECHO, an international lifelong learning and guided practice initiative shown to increase workforce capacity to implement best practices. 

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Assess, Identify, Make it happen (AIM) is a strategic planning process for school districts to implement evidence-based practices.

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Archived Projects

  • Make it Happen

    Make it Happen aims to promote healthy eating and physical activity behaviors in rural school students and educators. Learn more