eD.d. WITH a Gifted Education Specialization

The Gifted Education Specialization fuses gifted education training with Curriculum and Instruction Leadership in a hybrid online AND face-to-face model. You will take two online courses each quarter—fall, winter, and spring—and meet face-to-face with your cohort for on-campus courses in the summer. Each June you will meet for two weeks to receive support with relationship-building within the cohort, advising, and assistance with research project conceptualization. The program will develop your research skills, particularly in identification, intervention, methodology, and analysis. Students generally complete this program within 3 years.


Upon graduation from the program, you may apply for multiple endorsements with the Colorado Department of Education, including:

  • Gifted Education Core Endorsement*
  • Gifted Education Specialist Endorsement*
  • Gifted Education Director License*
  • Principal License

*New endorsements take effect Fall 2018


Some of the courses you can take include:

  • Psychological Aspects of Giftedness
  • Instructional Strategies for the Gifted
  • Twice Exceptional Learners
  • Introduction to Qualitative Research
  • Program Development, Leadership, and Communication in Gifted Education
  • Research as Intervention
  • Applied Research
  • Legal Issues in Special and Gifted Education

In this option, you will spend one additional year in the Ed.D. program and focus on leadership. In a “2-1-1” format, you will complete coursework in Gifted Education and Curriculum & Instruction in your first two years, followed by study in Educational Leadership and your doctoral research project. The Administrator Licensure coursework can also be completed after the EdD coursework.

Upon graduation, you may apply for multiple endorsements with the Colorado Department of Education to support your career in Gifted Education Leadership.


Members of each cohort receive an attractive funding package, with scholarships typically running no less than 40% of the total cost of tuition. For more information, visit our Tuition and Financial Aid page.

In addition, financial support is available for research projects completed within the program.

The next available term for the Gifted Education cohort is Summer 2019; application for the 2019 term will open June 2018.


Admissions Contact
303-871-2509, KRH 110
Office Hours: By appointment only

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