Morgridge faculty and students, along with our partners in the community, regularly present original, boundary-pushing research. We strive to continuously and meaningfully contribute to local, national and global conversations related to education, societal change and more. Below, you'll find a sampling of presentations led by Morgridge researchers. To see more of Morgridge’s contributions, explore our recent publications.

  • MCE Community Member 2023 AERA Presentations (sample)

    "I'm Trying to Rebuild a Relationship With Him, Even Though ...": Teacher Emotion Labor in Dealing With Classroom Trauma

    DU presenters: Christine Elizabeth Hood, Dr. Brette Garner


    Culturally Responsive Instructional Coach Evaluation: Exploring Possibilities and Potholes

    Presenters: Dr. Maria del Carmen Salazar, Anna Hardy, Kimberly Korpita, Sara Dishell


    The Development and Validation of the Measure of Original Thinking in Elementary Students: A Computerized Test of Original Thinking

    DU presenters: Dr. Peter Organisciak, Katalin Grajzel


    The Status of Teacher and Staff Well-Being During the COVID-19 Pandemic

    DU presenters: Dr. Benjamin C. Ingman, Sandra Bertram Grant Solis, Dr. Elaine Belansky


    Understanding the Lived Experiences of Pakistani Muslim Students in U.S. Schools

    Presenters: Sahar Khawaja, Dr. Jayson W. Richardson


    Betwixt the Ivory Tower and the School Blacktop: Mama-Scholars of Color Navigating White Educational Systems

    DU presenter: Dr. Chris A. Nelson


    Curricular Wars: A Critical Policy Analysis of K–12 "Critical Race Theory" Bills in State Legislatures

    DU presenters: Dr. Lolita A. Tabron, Stephen Fusco


    Cultural Sharing Conversations to Enhance Collaborative Partnerships With Culturally Diverse Families

    Presenter: Dr. Gloria E. Miller


  • RMECC 2016

    The Morgridge College of Education (MCE) had a substantial presence at the 2016 Rocky Mountain Early Childhood Conference, which was held in Denver and attracted over 2,500 participants. Faculty from the Early Childhood Special Education (ECSE) program, Kennedy Institute, and Marsico Institute were all in attendance along with Students from several MCE programs. MCE faculty and students presenting included:

    • Julie Sarama, Ph.D – MCE Faculty and Kennedy Endowed Chair in Innovative Learning Technologies
    • Douglas H. Clements, Ph.D – MCE Faculty and Kennedy Endowed Chair in Early Childhood Learning
    • Jeanine Coleman, Ph.D – ECSE Clinical Assistant Professor
    • Pilyoung Kim, Ph.D – Assistant Professor at DU’s School of Art, Humanities and Social Science
    • Rachel Schiff-Gray – ECSE Alumni
    • Heather Blizzard – RMS Graduate Student
    • Laura Dietert – CI Graduate Student
    • Ksenia Polson – RMS Graduate Student
    • Jessica Carswell – ECSE MA Student
    • Tara Brand – ECSE MA Student
    • Katie Belleau – ECSE MA Student
    • Brita Strub – ECSE Cert Student
    • Hazuki Tochihara – ECSE Alumni

    Drs. Clements and Sarama were the keynote speakers for the conference alongside Dr. Bob Sornson, Founder of the Early Learning Foundation. They started the Saturday morning conference with their presentation on early math education, setting the stage for the rest of the event.

    “A few of the teachers in the audience commented that they could not wait to share what they had learned,” said Heather Blizzard, a Ph.D student in the Research Methods and Statistics (RMS) program. Blizzard presented on the effects of teaching geometry to young children alongside her peers Laura Dietert and Ksenia Polson.