Teacher Education Program

Motivate, guide and inspire future generations. More than almost any other profession, teaching provides the opportunity to make a significant, tangible difference in the world.

The TEP program at the University of Denver is one of the best in the country. According to the 2021 list, U.S. News and World Report ranked the TEP program 18th in the nation for secondary education.

Pursue teacher licensure and a master’s degree through our Teacher Education Program in the Department of Teaching & Learning Sciences. Our programs are renowned for their rigorous coursework, dedicated faculty and staff, and individualized support. They also offer extensive fieldwork opportunities that will put your knowledge to work in culturally and linguistically diverse K–12 schools.

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Our Programs

We offer a few program options, both of which lead to a Colorado Initial Teacher License and a master’s degree in Curriculum & Instruction. If you are interested in pursuing licensure without a master’s degree, the TEP program provides a certificate option.

While our programs vary, they all have one goal: to train you not only as a teacher, but as a leader. You’ll carry these leadership skills with you throughout your career, whether you’re teaching in K–12 schools or continuing your education to become a school principal or policy administrator.

Teacher Education Program (TEP Masters)

TEP offers an intensive, integrated, professional preparation experience. As an apprentice teacher, you will be in one field placement for the entire academic year with a gradual release of teaching responsibility over the year. You can pursue a master’s degree and licensure within this program, or just licensure.

As a TEP applicant, you are eligible to apply for one of 15 Urban Teacher Fellowships (UTF). These competitive fellowships provide additional financial support and are intended for those students committed to working in one of the high-needs urban schools within the Denver Public School district (DPS). Ask your admissions counselor about the application process.

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Dual Undergraduate-Graduate Degree in Teacher Education Program (TEP Dual)

Get your undergraduate degree, master’s degree and teaching licensure in five years. You begin the program pursuing an undergraduate degree in an area of your choosing. You will start graduate coursework toward a master’s in Curriculum & Instruction in your fourth year, and licensure coursework the summer after your fourth year.

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Teacher Education Program (Para-to-Teacher)

Paraprofessional-to-teacher (P2T) is a two-year pathway to a teaching license, a master’s degree in Curriculum & Instruction, and a culturally and linguistically diverse education endorsement. P2T is designed for individuals holding a bachelor’s degree in any field, including current paraprofessionals in the Denver area and those aspiring to enter the teaching profession. P2T provides a comprehensive route to education certification. 

P2T candidates work as paid paraprofessionals with a shift toward student teaching responsibilities in the second year. The program involves 52 credit hours of graduate-level coursework spread across two years, including the summer quarters. Additionally, P2T candidates are also eligible for the Urban Teaching Fellowship to reduce tuition costs.