Community is an integral value at Morgridge, reflected throughout every facet of the college. We’re committed not just to fostering a tight-knit, supportive academic community within the College — we also participate in and add value to the larger communities in which we find ourselves. That means working to improve educational outcomes across Denver and the rest of Colorado, and collaborating with our colleagues in different cities to advance research and strengthen communities nationwide.

We’re an intentional community. That means every member has made the active decision to participate, which creates an atmosphere of close collaboration and support. We've found that atmosphere endures even when we’re unable to meet in person. The dedication, skills and perspectives brought forth by our students allow us to create an environment where each member has the opportunity to not just excel personally, but also to facilitate excellence for their fellow students.


ECHO-DU is part of a global model for providing virtual learning to professionals, and DU hosts one of the only ECHO sites in the world focusing on education.

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Student Organizations

Our student organizations provide space for current students to connect, both within a specific program or across the college.

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We partner with school districts, boards of education, mental health organizations, local governments, libraries, non-profit organizations and more on projects designed to support educators and improve educational outcomes.

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Our alumni remain part of the Morgridge community for life, and we offer the support, resources and connections to help them excel.

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Find out how your generosity can support our communities

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