Research Methods & Statistics

Our program goes beyond educational research to include social, behavioral and health research. You will develop advanced and holistic analytical skills that will help you use data as a tool for promoting social justice and the public good.

Unlike many other research programs, our program focuses on both qualitative and quantitative research, as well as mixed methods. And our action-based research approach allows you to work closely with our experienced faculty and community partners to start your research right away.

Our Programs

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    Master of Arts in Research Methods & Statistics

    Put yourself at the leading edge of research design and data analysis.


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    Ph.D. in Research Methods & Statistics

    Specialize in Qualitative Research (QR) or Institutional Research (IR).


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Career Paths

From marketing to education to psychology, students from many different academic and professional backgrounds find their place in our Research Methods and Statistics program in the Department of Research Methods and Information Science.