Our Mission and Vision

We developed the Morgridge College of Education’s mission and vision through a careful and inclusive process, with over 200 faculty, staff, students and community members. We’re proud to say that our mission and vision drive who we are and what we do.


The Morgridge College of Education’s mission is to be a force for positive change in the lives of individuals, organizations and communities through unleashing the power of learning.

We accomplish our mission in four ways:

  • Through preparing highly competent, socially responsible, ethical and caring professionals to promote learning in diverse settings
  • Through actively reaching out beyond our College to engage in learning partnerships with others
  • Through contributing high-quality research to our respective fields
  • Through modeling excellence in all of our own educational programs


The Morgridge College of Education will be a global leader in innovative and effective approaches for promoting learning throughout the lifespan.

Transcending traditional ideas about education and schooling, we will embrace a new, comprehensive vision of learning as a lifelong activity that involves the whole person and can occur through a variety of methods, anywhere and at any time.

We will promote educational change and social equity and will provide leadership for the improvement of education, mental health and information services and systems.

Diversity Statement

The Morgridge College of Education prescribes to the Diversity Statement as defined by the University of Denver.

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