The Gifted Education Certificate program through the Morgridge College of Education at the University of Denver is intended to increase the level of knowledge, expertise and understanding of educators working with students who are gifted.

The required courses intend to raise awareness of the unique characteristics, emotional/social needs, identification challenges and other issues associated with students who are gifted. Those who seek to work with gifted and talented students will gain an understanding of trends, policies and guidelines to ensure implementation of appropriate academic curriculum, differentiation strategies, identification, educational interventions, and support for this diverse population.

This certificate, which may lead to a Core Endorsement through the Colorado Department of Education, is 24 credit hours. The Certificate can be earned in four (4) to eight (8) academic quarters (one to two years) depending on the number of hours taken each quarter.  Students should expect to spend extensive time on gifted education projects and coursework. Learning formats include in-person sessions, inquiry projects, various online activities and fieldwork.

Certificate programs provide substantial education in a specific academic discipline or on a coherent and freestanding body of knowledge. The certificate issued at the completion of the program represents the achievement of competence in a well-defined area of study.


  • 24 credit-hours
    • Course location varies and may be offered online, on campus, or off-site.
    • Completion time varies depending on number of credit hours taken each academic quarter.
  • Applicants must be a licensed educator
  • Course Requirements:
    • Psychological Aspects of the Gifted – CUI 44013 credit hours
    • Curriculum for Gifted Learners- CUI 4402 3 credit hours
    • Instructional Strategies for Gifted – CUI 440 3 credit hours
    • Twice Exceptional Students – CUI 44043 credit hours
    • Special Topics in Identification of the Gifted – CUI 44073 credit hours
    • Creativity: Theory and Practice- CUI 4408 3 credit hours
    • Program Development, Leadership and Communication – CUI 4410 3 credit hours
    • Race, Class, and Gender- CUI 4160 3 credit hours
  • Cohort options:
    • Non-District Specific Cohort (DU Campus): Open to all aspiring educators seeking specialization in Gifted Education
    • District Specific Cohort: serves educators working in Colorado school districts.

NOTE: The Non-District Specific Cohort (DU Campus) is open to applicants from any district or educational setting (private, charter, etc.) and applicants who are not currently working in an educational setting. The district specific cohorts are designed for applicants who work within specific districts. Contact admission with any questions.


Upon successful completion of the Gifted Education certificate, students will be eligible to apply for the Colorado CORE Endorsement through the Colorado Department of Education (CDE). The University of Denver has not yet determined whether the program meets endorsement requirements in a state other than Colorado or in any U.S. protectorates. For students seeking endorsement in a state other than Colorado, students should contact the state’s Board of Education to determine whether the program meets endorsement requirements.


Members of each cohort receive an attractive funding package. For more information, visit our Tuition and Financial Aid page.

In addition, financial support is available for research projects completed within the program.


One to two years

NOTE: Upon completion of the certificate and an admission application, students can take an additional twenty-one (21) credits (seven courses) to complete a master’s degree in C&I with a specialization in Gifted Education.


Daniel L. Ritchie Endowed Chair in Gifted Education
Dr. Norma Hafenstein
303-871-2527, KRH 359

Assistant to the Daniel L. Ritchie Endowed Chair in Gifted Education
Mary Albertoni
303-871-2532, KRH 350D

Admissions Contact
Noah Schlueter
303-871-2509, KRH 110
Office Hours: By appointment only

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