ECHO-DU is part of a global model for providing virtual professional learning to professionals. While most ECHO sites across the world focus on healthcare, ECHO-DU is one of a few focused on the P-20 education system. ECHO-DU participants collaborate with other educators in a case-based learning environment in order to learn about evidence-based practices and develop advanced skills related to mental health, school health-wellness, school leadership, among other areas.


Project ECHO typically consists of 8-12 weekly sessions of one to two hours each. During each session, there is a brief presentation highlighting the latest evidence-based practices and resources on a given topic followed by dedicated time for questions and answers related to the presentation. One or two practitioners from the field (e.g. a rural school psychologist) then present a real-life case study to seek collaboration for possible solutions.

An ideal ECHO is comprised of an interdisciplinary group of 2-5 thought leaders engaging with 15-30 participants – large enough to facilitate a variety of perspectives but small enough to ensure meaningful conversation.


To host an ECHO, email echo@du.edu. Our ECHO-DU team will work closely with your organization to ensure a smooth and successful ECHO series. The collaboration includes assistance and consultations regarding the ECHO development process. This includes curriculum design, evaluation and sustainability plans, to recruitment strategies and logistics planning.  


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