Being an ECHO participant is FREE!

ECHO is an acronym for Extension for Community Health Care Outcomes. The ECHO Model originated from the healthcare field at the University of New Mexico to democratize knowledge in medicine.

Each ECHO series has different requirements. Email us ( to find out our current ECHOs and register now!

  • Professional development and training from any location using a smartphone, tablet, or computer at no cost.
  • Build your support network statewide.
  • Support, training, and empowerment to implement best practices.
  • Interactive case study discussion and recommendations from fellow colleagues.
  • Potential for CEU or other professional credits.

ECHO-DU partners with a variety of organizations reaching educational, mental health, and human services. These partners or networks work with community professionals to determine the greatest interests amongst communities.

Project ECHO typically consists of 8-12 weekly sessions of one to two hours each. During each session, there is a brief presentation highlighting the latest evidence-based practices and resources on a given topic followed by dedicated time for questions and answers related to the presentation. One or two practitioners from the field (e.g. a rural school psychologist) then present a real-life case study to seek collaboration for possible solutions.

An ECHO series typically consists of 8-12 weekly sessions of one to two hours each.

ECHO-DU uses Zoom, a free, video conferencing software. Participants can connect with video using their smartphone, tablet, or computer. Some ECHOs also allow participants to connect via telephone.

Many of our ECHO series offer continuing education credit for participating. Email for more information on current ECHOs.

Hosting an ECHO allows you and your organization to provide virtual learning opportunities to a large number of professional located across many geographic regions. It is a cost-efficient way to move knowledge, not people.

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