MCE's Katherine A. Ruffatto Hall receives GOLD LEED Certification

Katherine A. Ruffatto Hall is the $21.4 million, 73,568-square-foot home of the Morgridge College of Education. Upon its initial construction in the fall of 2010, Ruffatto Hall received LEED (Leadership in Energy and Environmental Design) Silver certification, which is the U.S. Green Building Council’s standard for authenticating a building’s green features.

In 2015, Ruffatto Hall’s certification was elevated to LEED Gold, further exemplifying MCE and the University’s commitment to sustainable building. Some Gold LEED Certification features of the building include: utilizing high performance glass in all windows to reduce UV and infrared transmission in the building; having a building design that allows 93% of all regularly occupied spaces within the building to view the outdoors; water efficient landscaping that reduces water consumption by 50%; recycling stations provided throughout the building; carpeting that meets the requirements of the carpet and rug institute’s “green label plus” program throughout the building; and low-flow and dual-flush plumbing fixtures that reduce water consumption by 30%.

Ruffatto Hall features state-of-the-art facilities. In addition to 9 classrooms, there are 14 meeting and conference rooms, three with video conferencing, two Cisco TelePresence video conferencing rooms, and numerous spaces throughout the building equipped with chairs, tables, whiteboards, plasma screens and/or network connections for collaborative and distance learning work.

Many of the classrooms in Ruffatto Hall are equipped with a computer, projector and projection screen, interactive whiteboards and two input panels with audio, video and Ethernet connections. Six of the classrooms also have a 42″ LCD monitor. Each classroom allows projection to any or all of these monitors, screens or boards.

Ruffatto Hall is a place where students and faculty from all over the city, state, country and world come together. Our community of students and faculty are connected to partner organizations and professional associations within each field of study across campus and the nation. Ruffatto Hall features a large reception space, conference rooms, and classrooms that can be reserved for internal and external events. The building is often used for community outreach with our partner organizations, hosting seminars, presentations, awards, community events and more.

For information about Technical Support at the Morgridge College of Education, visit the Technical Support section.
Cisco TelePresence

The Morgridge College of Education houses two Cisco Telepresence video conferencing systems. The Cisco TelePresence system is ideal for multipoint group meetings such as operational reviews, status update meetings and presentations across geographic distances. Cisco Telepresence is an excellent tool for productive face-to-face collaboration and the experience is as good as actually being in the same room with the other participants. However, these meetings can only include 6-12 people.

Please contact Conference and Event Services to schedule a room for a Telepresence conference ( or 303-871-4333). Also, please contact MCE Support to set up a test call ( or 303-871-3222).

SMART and Promethean Boards

SMART Board and Promethean interactive whiteboards help to improve learning outcomes. Combining the simplicity of a whiteboard with the power of a computer, the interactive whiteboards assist in the delivery of dynamic lessons, allowing you to write notes in digital ink, and save your work – all with the simple touch of a finger. This technology also creates opportunities for collaborative learning. There are also various accessories available for each of these systems including “response clickers” and “slates.”

Collaborative Work Stations

Flat panel televisions are mounted throughout the building so students can connect their computers to these devices for group viewing. A majority of the furniture in the building is movable, allowing students to create their own unique work and study spaces.

Cisco VOIP Phones

All of the telephones within Katherine A. Ruffatto Hall are Cisco VOIP enabled. The audio quality of these phones is excellent. All phones also have a built-in bridge allowing you to conference multiple participants into a single call without paying for a traditional telephone bridging service.

Installed Classroom Computers

All classrooms within the building are equipped with a computer that is already connected to the projection screens within the room. All the computers have Microsoft PowerPoint as well as many other programs. Users can simply bring in a USB drive and plug it into the computer and load their presentation. The computers also are all installed with the program Skype to bring a guest to the classroom via Skype, by simply plugging in a webcam.

Video Conferencing

Classroom 122 within Ruffatto Hall is equipped with a built-in video conference system. The system has two remote controlled cameras and boasts high-definition-quality video and audio. Video conferencing is used to bring outside guests virtually into a classroom, or bring an entire class into discussions with another class across the country that may be studying the same thing.

Please contact Conference and Event Services to schedule a room for a Telepresence conference ( or 303-871-4333). Also, please contact MCE Support to set up a test call ( or 303-871-3222).

Crestron Control Panels

All classrooms and boardrooms have built-in Crestron control panels. These audio and visual control panels are easily identifiable and easy to use through a single location.

Observation Rooms

There are 12 different “observation rooms” in the Katherine A. Ruffatto Hall that have built-in cameras and a centralized control room that can monitor and record all 12 rooms simultaneously. These rooms are used for psychology intervention sessions and specialized discussion classes.

Centralized Control Room

A centrally located control room allows all audio and video signals in the entire facility to be monitored and routed to any room within the facility. The Control room also houses all video conferencing technologies as well as miscellaneous parts and pieces that are used on a daily basis, such a clickers, microphones, cables and speakers.

Digital Signage System

Display TVs located on the first floor and fourth floor allow students to notify MCE faculty and students about current schedules and upcoming events. These monitors can also be used to display special announcements and emergency information.


The entire building is equipped with Wi-Fi, allowing students to use their mobile devices and laptops to access the internet easily.

Detailed instructions for using the online room request form are available via PioneerWeb under the resources tab. If you are NOT MCE faculty, staff or a student, please call Conference and Events Services at 303-871-4333 to reserve a room in Ruffatto Hall.

If you are MCE faculty, staff or a student, and you would like to reserve a room for an event in Ruffatto Hall, please log in using your PioneerWeb login and password to the website, 25Live.

The 25Live scheduling system is for events only (not for regularly scheduled courses).

Room Descriptions and Capacities in Katherine Ruffatto Hall:

KRH 105  Boardroom (40 max. occupancy)
KRH 106  Commons (100 max. occupancy)
KRH 121  TelePresence/Conference Room (8 max. occupancy)
KRH 122  Classroom (25 max. occupancy)
KRH 134  Seminar (15 max. occupancy)
KRH 202  Classroom (40 max. occupancy)
KRH 203  Conference Room (8 max. occupancy)
KRH 204  Classroom (40 max. occupancy)
KRH 206  Seminar (14 max. occupancy)
KRH 234  Seminar (12 max. occupancy)
KRH 245  Conference (8 max. occupancy)
KRH 302  Classroom (35 max. occupancy)
KRH 304  Classroom (25 max. occupancy)
KRH 305  Computer Classroom (34 max. occupancy)
KRH 306  Computer Classroom (33 max. occupancy)
KRH 334  Seminar (11 max. occupancy)
KRH 345  Conference Room (8 max. occupancy)
KRH 401  Mountain View Room (20 max. occupancy)
KRH 408  Classroom (32 max. occupancy)
KRH 409  Classroom (32 max. occupancy)

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