Student Employment and Research Opportunities

MCE provides a number of employment opportunities to our students. These opportunities include graduate assistantships (GTA), graduate research assistantships (GRA), fellowships, and hourly positions. MCE awarded 99 appointments in 2017/18 and 94 GTA and GRA appointments in 2018/19. Graduate assistantship duties can include teaching, research, or administration. GTA positions are 100% college funded and GRA positions are primarily grant funded. GTA and GRA positions receive both a tuition waiver and a monthly stipend (paycheck). Fellowships are another form of financial support and offer both community engagement opportunities and a platform for furthering scholarly research activities.  MCE works in partnership with other organizations such as the Center for Multi-Cultural Excellence, Student Activities, and the Morgridge Family Foundation to provide these opportunities.  Fellowship appointments typically receive both a tuition waiver and a stipend. Students awarded an assistantship or fellowship should plan to attend the GTA/GRA Orientation session. View event dates on our calendar. Other student employment opportunities for MCE students are compensated at an hourly rate of pay and are typically non-benefited positions.  These types of positions are conveniently located on campus and may be an addition to opportunities available through the DU student employment office.  You do not need to be awarded federal work-study funding to be eligible for student hourly employment. For more information please see the Financial Aid FAQ and MCE Graduate Assistant Handbook 2018-19.


Application and eligibility requirements vary by department. Please review eligibility criteria listed within each job description to determine eligibility to apply. Please note: Students cannot have both a work-study position and a GTA/GRA position simultaneously and must choose to have only one or the other.

Full-time Positions
Half-time Positions
Half/One-quarter Time Positions
One-quarter Time Positions
Hourly Positions
Other DU Opportunities

For prospective students, contact: Admissions Office

For admitted and current students, contact:

Closed GTA, GRA, Fellowships, & Hourly Positions

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