DU Grants and Scholarships

Throughout the year the University of Denver receives information about many private scholarships and grant opportunities and posts application information on the DU Free Scholarship Database. Be sure to follow up with the specific funding organization for details about deadlines and eligibility criteria. To learn more about DU grants and Scholarship opportunities visit the DU website. If you received a private scholarship, please report it using the below forms:

MCE Grants and Scholarships

Morgridge College of Education (MCE) awards more than $10 million annually in student financial support which includes Dean’s Scholarship awards, named merit scholarships, GTA and GRA appointments, and grants and fellowships. Unlike student loans, you do not have to repay these awards. MCE financial aid is managed by the MCE Financial Aid office.

You are considered for most MCE funded scholarships at the time of admittance. There is no additional application required. MCE Dean’s Scholarships are awarded to incoming scholars based on academic merit and can be awarded for one year or up to three years in some degree programs. MCE also has over 40 donor-funded merit scholarships that are awarded to outstanding scholars at the time of admittance. Awards can range from $1,000 per year up to a fully funded scholarship that pays the entire tuition cost for the degree program.

There are a limited number of competitive MCE merit scholarships offered. These have unique eligibility criteria and rolling selection and award periods.

MCE encourages all students to actively pursue opportunities to present their scholarly research at conferences at DU, nationally, and internationally and provides Miller Scholarship funding to support travel and presentation costs. Doctoral students who have successfully defended their dissertation proposal may be eligible for dissertation grant funding support with the approval of their advisor.

Learn more about individual MCE Merit-based scholarships


For prospective students, contact: Admissions Office
For admitted and current students, contact: MCE.finaid@du.edu

Dean Scholarship

MCE Dean’s Scholarship awards pay for tuition costs and are applied to the student’s account evenly across quarters in the academic year. Typically, Dean’s Scholarship awards are divided evenly between Fall, Winter, and Spring quarters. If your program’s coursework progression requires summer quarter enrollment, your Dean’s Scholarship award will be spread evenly over four quarters. If you will be enrolled in coursework over the summer quarter by choice, please contact MCE Financial Aid to ensure your award in allocated properly.

If you receive a Dean’s Scholarship and are subsequently awarded a Graduate Assistantship (GTA or GRA), your Dean’s Scholarship may be reduced by the equivalent amount of tuition waiver accompanying the GTA or GRA. However, your overall MCE funded financial aid package will never be reduced from original award amount. It can be augmented with additional financial aid not accepted at the time of admission

Uhrmacher Scholarship

The Uhrmacher Scholarship was created in honor of Dr. P. Bruce Uhrmacher by a group of his former graduate students. The main goal of the Uhrmacher scholarship reflects his educational philosophy; namely it seeks to support and mentor graduate students while nurturing their creative ideas in the field of Curriculum and Instruction. The award is dedicated to helping preserve the open sharing of fresh ideas and to helping students artfully express these ideas at the American Association for Teaching & Curriculum (AATC) annual conference. Awards are given to proposals related to important themes in 21st-century education, specifically Arts and Aesthetics, Diversity, Ecology, Spirituality, Human Development, Curriculum Theory, Alternative Schooling, Qualitative Research, and others. Students seeking an award will be required to submit a proposal application to the annual meeting of AATC (for more information please see http://www.aatchome.org). Read about current and past Uhrmacher scholars, mentors, contributors, and committee members on the Uhrmacher Alumni Group.

This scholarship is awarded annually and is open to all Morgridge College of Education (MCE) doctoral students.

The Uhrmacher Scholar recieves:

  • Mentoring from Professor Uhrmacher and from MCE alumni.
  • A financial stipend to support travel to the American Association for Teaching and Curriculum conference.
  • Support in organizing a presentation.
  • Support in preparing a manuscript for submission to Curriculum and Teaching Dialogue, the peer-reviewed annual journal published by AATC.

Miller Scholarship for Travel Funds and Conference Presentation

Through the generous support of the George W. & Mamie Dodd Miller Endowed Scholarship Fund, MCE students may apply for up to $500 in scholarship funding to support their presentation of scholarly research papers at national and international conferences. Funding available up to annual budget limitations. Scholarship can only apply to tuition charges.

Applications can be found here:  Miller Scholarship and Travel Funds Application to Present Research at National or International Conference

Dissertation Grant Funding Support

Students who have successfully defended their dissertation proposal may apply for funding support for their dissertation up to the amount of $1,000. Funding available up to annual budget limitations. Scholarship can only apply to tuition charges.

Applications can be found here:  Dissertation Research Grant Request for Proposals (PDF)

Urban Teacher Fellowship

The Urban Teacher Fellowship (UTF) is an innovative one-year program made possible by a partnership between the University of Denver’s Morgridge College of Education (MCE) and Denver Public Schools (DPS). The goal of UTF is to support 15 teacher fellows and provide them with the resources and experience necessary to ensure that all children have access to highly-trained educators. Upon completion of the year-long program, fellows will receive a Master’s degree in Curriculum and Instruction and a Colorado teaching license. Learn more about UTF.

If you are facing severe and extraordinary financial hardship, limited one-time scholarship funding may be available under certain limited circumstances. Please contact the MCE Financial Aid office or your Department Chair for details.

For questions regarding MCE financial aid, contact MCE.finaid@du.edu.

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