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Drs. Andi Pusavat and Trisha Raque-Bogdan Interview with 9Health

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Morgridge College of Education

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andi and trisha

On Tuesday, Oct. 8, Andi Pusavat, PhD was joined by Trisha Raque-Bogdan, PhD for a livestream with 9Health. The livestream focused on the affect cancer diagnosis and treatment have on the mental wellbeing of patients and survivors.

Watch the recorded livestream video below or on Facebook.

Additionally, Dr. Andi Pusavat was invited to the 9News station on Thursday morning to share more information about mental health/stress screenings that will be available at upcoming 9Health Fair events. Along with the mental health screenings people can do in person at 9Health Fairs, free online, anonymous mental health screenings are available at


You can watch Dr. Pusavat’s full interview with 9Health here.

Dr. Pusavat recently became a board member on 9Health’s Medical Advisory Committee (MAC), which is comprised of Colorado’s top healthcare providers and allied healthcare professionals. These notable and experienced individuals provide high-quality and evidence-based health screenings to our Greater Colorado community. The MAC is responsible for creating, reviewing and approving all medical screening protocols and interactive educational center requests. Through quarterly evaluation and follow-up of statistical data and screenings results, the MAC ensures all health screenings meet 9Health’s strict criteria.