Dual Undergraduate-Graduate Degree in Teacher Education Program

If you are a current DU undergraduate student, you can get your undergraduate degree, master’s degree, and teaching licensure in five years. Our Dual Undergraduate-Graduate Degree in Teacher Education Program (TEP Dual) prepares you to work in K–12 schools.

You begin the program pursuing an undergraduate degree in an area of your choosing. Your senior year, you will take nine hours of graduate coursework (toward a master’s in Curriculum and Instruction). Dual-degree students in the TEP program will select a cognate consisting of 9 credits of graduate course work to be completed in their undergraduate senior year. Please see the complete dual-degree guidelines and policy posted here.

You will work with an academic advisor in the TEP program who will help guide you toward appropriate graduate courses in the Morgridge College of Education (MCE). In terms of scheduling your courses:

  • The nine hours of MCE coursework can be spread across the fall, winter, or spring quarter.
  • Licensure coursework begins the summer (early August) after completing your undergraduate degree. It continues through the fall, winter, and spring quarters of your fifth year. Licensure areas include:
    • Elementary Education (K–6)
    • Secondary Science (6–12)
    • Secondary Math (6–12)
    • Secondary Social Studies (6–12)
    • Secondary English (6–12)

Both your undergraduate and master’s degree must be earned within five years.


You should initiate the graduate admissions process in the winter of your junior year. Below is a timeline of the process you should follow.

  • Sophomore Year – Meet with an admissions counselor. To schedule an appointment, email mce@du.edu or call 303-871-2509.
  • Winter of Junior Year – Apply and be accepted to Teacher Education Program (TEP).
  • Senior Year – Take nine hours of coursework either evenly split (three credits each quarter) or unevenly distributed across the three quarters.These courses count as elective hours for your undergraduate degree and master’s hours for your graduate degree.
  • Post BA – Take the remaining 43 credits and complete your student teaching hours during your fifth year (summer through spring).

Expect a rigorous admissions process, including a full review of your materials and an on-campus interview day, typically in the spring.

Financial Aid and Scholarships

Contact the Office of Financial Aid for information at MCE.finaid@du.edu. If you’re a Boettcher or Daniels Fund student, you will continue to receive your undergraduate award level in your fifth year. These awards will be funded through MCE.

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Department Chair

Department Chair
Dr. Rashida Banerjee
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Academic Services Associate
Kara Duggan

Admissions Contact
Noah Schlueter
303-871-2509, KRH 110
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