Tuition & Financial Aid

At Ricks, we know that private school tuition can be a stretch for some families. That's why we're committed to making our program affordable for qualified and deserving students from all backgrounds through need-based financial aid.

Providing financial support for our students is one of the goals in our strategic plan, and one of the initiatives in DU Impact 2025. The Ricks community would not be the same without you!

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    Financial Accessibility

    Our robust financial aid program ensures accessibility to a Ricks Center education for nearly 35% of our families annually.

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    Flexible Assistance 

    Financial assistance is available in several forms, including reduced tuition and alternative payment schedules designed to distribute tuition installments throughout the year.

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    Equal Opportunity

    Financial aid at Ricks Center is granted on the basis of demonstrated financial need. Applying for financial aid does not affect one’s chances for admission at Ricks Center. Admissions decisions are first made without regard to financial status.



  • Preschool

    Monday–Friday, full-day

    Tuition: $20,675.00/year


    Monday–Friday, half-day

    Tuition: $12,975.00/year

  • Pre-K

    Monday–Friday, full-day

    Tuition: $20,675.00/year


    Monday–Friday, half-day

    Tuition: $12,975.00/year

  • Kindergarten

    Monday–Friday, full-day

    Tuition: $24,225.00/year

  • Primary (1st–4th grade)

    Monday–Friday, full-day

    Tuition: $24,975.00/year

  • Upper School (5th–8th grade)

    Monday–Friday, full-day

    Tuition: $25,325.00/year

    Please note: “Week Without Walls” trips are not included in the Upper School tuition.

Denver Preschool Program

If your child will be in Prekindergarten next year and you live in the city and county of Denver, you must also apply for Denver Preschool Program (DPP) funding along with your application for financial aid. Your financial aid from Ricks may be adjusted based upon your DPP funding. Additionally, DPP now has limited funds available for students in Preschool as well.  Please visit the DPP page for more information about the DPP program and to apply 


Apply for Financial Aid

Ricks Center partners with FACTS.  Check out their flyer for more information. 

Financial Aid Application