Summer at Ricks

Summer is coming! Ready to make some magical memories?

Due to a summer construction project at Ricks Center, we're moving "Summer at Ricks" across the DU campus as we host the two camp partners listed below. Both programs offer the chance to tackle new challenges, form new friendships, and explore a wide range of interests. The only question:  Which program is the best fit for your camper?

Stay tuned for registration details in the next few weeks, or email for more information. 


Galileo Learning 

LEGO Play-Well TEKnologies

  • Play-well provides an environment where students can create without fear of mistakes, explore fundamental STEM concepts through play, and express their creativity in ways they never thought possible. With tens of thousands of LEGO® pieces and the guidance of passionate instructors, the possibilities are truly endless!


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    Financial Aid Eligibility

    Students enrolled at Ricks Center for the 2024-2025 school year are eligible for financial aid equivalent to their tuition aid.* Financial aid eligibility may be changed or modified at the discretion of the Summer Programs Manager.

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    Health Appraisals & Immunization Records 

    General Health Appraisals are required for all summer campers age 5 and younger. Immunization records are required for all campers attending summer camp.